Q: How can I contact you?
A: Call us … (315) 965-2782 or Email us … oxyfloats@gmail.com

Q: What size of portable oxygen tank will OxyFloats hold?
A: Both tall and short portable tanks will fit.

Q: How does the portable oxygen tank attach to OxyFloats?
A: Please watch the video in the "OxyFloats in Action" tab on this website. Also see the instruction sheet included with your OxyFloats.

Q: Is it okay for my tank to get wet?
A: Yes it is okay for your tank to get wet.

Q: What kind of regulator do I use in the water?
A: You want to use a continuous flow regulator. Ask your oxygen supplier for one.

Q: How long can I stay in the water with my OxyFloats?
A: The length of time you can stay in the water depends on the size and fill level of your portable oxygen tank. 

Q: What are the materials that make up an OxyFloats?
A: The straps are made of seat-belt webbing. The main blue board is dense foam that will float a full oxygen tank. The white tubes are open-celled foam designed to hold the tank in place and assist with keeping it afloat without adding any weight. The clips are heavy-duty plastic. 

Q: How long will my OxyFloats last?
A: This will depend on how often you use it. The materials are durable but normal wear will happen with regular use. 

Q: Do I need a waist strap to keep my OxyFloats close to me in the water?
A: No. The OxyFloats naturally stays close you as you move through the water. It floats along with you without any pulling or dragging.

Q: What happens if the cannula gets pulled out of my nose while I'm in the water?
A: Stay calm and replace the cannula. Just as you would if it came loose or was pulled out when you are at home.